Northern Territory Anti-Discrimination Commission


If you have been unlawfully discriminated against, you can lodge a complaint under the Northern Territory Anti-Discrimination Act 1992. But it’s important to know your rights and responsibilities before making a complaint.

Discrimination happens when you are unfairly treated on the grounds of certain attributes like race, age or sex in an area covered by the Act.

Complaints can also be made if you have been subject to the following behaviour:

  • sexual harassment
  • unreasonable failure to accommodate a special need because of an attribute
  • seeking unnecessary information that might lead to unlawful discrimination
  • discriminatory advertising
  • refusal to allow a guide dog
  • victimisation for having made a complaint or been a witness in a discrimination complaint.

Remember, you can only make a complaint in the Northern Territory if the discrimination has occurred in the workplace, when accessing goods, services and facilities, accommodation, education, insurance and superannuation or at registered clubs that serve alcohol.

Lodge a complaint

A complaint is to be submitted in writing to the Anti-Discrimination Commission within twelve months of the alleged discrimination. It can also be made outside this time with good reason.

  • You can lodge a complaint online, or
  • You can download and complete the complaint form.


Make a complaint


Complaint form PDF (229.5 KB)

Complaint form DOCX (95.2 KB)

Submit your complaint via email, fax or in person

What happens next?