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Education and training

The Anti-Discrimination Commission aims to prevent discrimination and harassment in the community by raising awareness through education and training.
We provide training in Darwin, Alice Springs, Tennant Creek, Katherine and other locations on request. We can also come to your workplace to deliver a customised course that meets your needs. Training can be tailored to target managers, staff or contact officers and linked directly to your policies and procedures.
Our courses help you to:

  • understand appropriate behaviour
  • establish good workplace policies and procedures
  • understand discrimination law
  • deal appropriately with complaints.

Courses we offer:

Anti-Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying

  • Who should attend: Any person interested in developing their knowledge of Anti-Discrimination Law and its application in the workplace and those who wish to become Contact Officers or Trainers in their Organisation in Anti-Discrimination.
  • Content: The NT Anti-Discrimination Act and how it affects you and your organisation including the provision of services; the functions and role of the Anti-Discrimination Commission; differences between harassment and  bullying and what is acceptable behaviour; your rights and responsibilities; support strategies.
  • Duration: Half-day workshop

Preventing Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying for Managers and Supervisors

  • Who should attend: Managers and other staff who wish to improve their knowledge and skills in preventing discrimination, harassment and bullying in the workplace.
  • Content: Legislation regarding discrimination, harassment and bullying and vicarious liability of individuals and organisations; the role and responsibility of the Manager/Supervisor in fostering and monitoring a positive workplace culture; managing and taking action against unacceptable behaviour.
  • Duration: Half-day workshop

Challenging Unconscious Bias Workshop

  • Explore diversity, improve inclusivity and tackle stereotypes in the workplace.
  • All humans have a natural preference for people who look like us, sound like us or share our interests. This form of bias could be unconsciously impacting on our decision-making in the workplace.
  • Unconscious bias takes effect at various stages during employment; as early as the recruitment stage.
  • Challenging unconscious bias occurs when we understand what unconscious bias is, recognise its prevalence in the workplace, and learn how to identify, address and reduce its impacts on our actions and decisions.

The workshop is divided into three parts: 

  • Examining what unconscious bias is and where it comes from. 
  • Exploring the impacts of unconscious bias on others in the real world.
  • Considering and discussing strategies that may help to reduce and manage unconscious bias and its consequences in the workplace; managing personal bias, organisational strategies and organisational cultural change.
  • The workshop is recommended for all staff particularly those involved in recruitment. It can be tailored for management.
  • Duration: approx. 3 hours

Contact Officer Role

  • Who should attend: Staff who are undertaking the role of Contact Officer in their organisation.
  • Content:
    • Part 1: The NT Anti-Discrimination Act, the functions and role of the Anti-Discrimination Commission; Sexual Harassment, Workplace Harassment and Bullying. Review of organisations policies and procedures.
    • Part 2: The role and function of a Contact Officer; skills, knowledge and resources to act as a first point of contact in dealing with complaints, provision of support and information to workers with a grievance.
  • Duration: Full-day workshop

Fair Go At Work – Train the Trainer

  • Who should attend: Staff within organisations who wish to present training courses on Anti-Discrimination best practice in their own work places.
  • Pre-requisite: Previous experience in presenting courses to adults.
  • Content: NT Anti-Discrimination Act and the application of fair, reasonable and respectful behaviour in the workplace; strategies to develop and deliver training courses on Anti-Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying in line with organisation’s policies.
  • Duration: Full day workshop

The following course is offered as in-house customised training only:

Sexual Harassment – Know Where the Line Is

  • Who should attend: Any person interested in developing their knowledge of the law in this area but particularly Managers who are responsible for implementing policies and codes of conduct.

Despite being outlawed for over 25 years, sexual harassment remains a problem in our workplaces. Each year the NT Anti-Discrimination Commission receives an increasing number of complaints in this area. Sexual harassment comes at a considerable cost, both to affected individuals and to the business. It is important that employers take active steps to prevent sexual harassment and respond effectively when it occurs.

  • Content: this workshop will explore – What is sexual harassment; the current statistics; Federal and Territory laws that cover sexual harassment; workplace culture and how it can impact on behaviour; legal cases; liability of individuals and organisation and strategies to help minimise the risk of sexual harassment.
  • Duration: 2 hour workshop.

If you would like to attend or organise a course for your workplace please contact the Anti-Discrimination Commission Office.

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