Northern Territory Anti-Discrimination Commission

 What’s happening? – 23 November 2022

Passage of the Bill to Amend the Anti-Discrimination Act 1992 (ADA)

The Anti-Discrimination Commissioner, Sally Sievers, and the staff of ADC are very pleased the reforms have passed and the Commission will now have more options to prevent and address discrimination, vilification and sexual harassment.

The amendments address many gaps in the way we have been able to do our core work of promoting equality of opportunity for all Territorians and assisting those silenced and harmed by discrimination in the Northern Territory.

There will be more options for people who most frequently experience discrimination, vilification and sexual harassment in our community, those living with a disability, Aboriginal Territorians and women, including representative complaint model and a positive duty in regard to sexual harassment, discrimination & victimisation.

The Commission will work with people, organisations and businesses across the Territory letting them know what the reforms mean and the rights and obligations which have been created.

Once we have additional resources we will be out in the community running information session on the reforms, and they will be incorporated into our fee for service education & training,

Quote Sally Sievers:

“The reforms are very welcome. They enable the Anti-Discrimination Commission to assist more people resolve more matters that impact negatively in their lives, whilst at the same time working proactively to prevent discrimination. Providing both individual and systemic approaches to discrimination, sexual harassment and victimisation, all leading to a more cohesive Northern Territory.”