Northern Territory Anti-Discrimination Commission

What is the Anti-Discrimination Commission?

The Northern Territory Anti-Discrimination Commission promotes equal opportunity for all Territorians.

Established in 1993, we aim to eliminate discrimination from happening by raising awareness about individual’s rights and responsibilities under the Northern Territory Anti-Discrimination Act 1992.

The Anti-Discrimination Commission has three main roles: Public education and training, handling complaints and community engagement.

More about the Anti-Discrimination Commission


If you have been unlawfully discriminated against, you can lodge a complaint under the Northern Territory Anti-Discrimination Act 1992. But it’s important to know your rights and responsibilities before making a complaint.

 Community engagement – 15 Mar 2022

New contact officer training packages

Information about our new range of training and networking options for contact officers in the NT.

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Vaccine pass and discrimination

Vaccine Pass and Unlawful Discrimination

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NT COVID-19 Vaccines and Discrimination

Information on what the Anti-Discrimination Commission can and cannot assist with.

Community Visitor Program

Community Visitor Program

Complaints resolution and advocacy for people receiving treatment from NT Mental Health Services.

How was your weekend? Did you get any?

Do you know where the line is?

Know Where the Line Is national awareness strategy.

Play by the rules

Play by the rules

Dealing with specific issues in sport for administrators, coaches, officials, parents and players.

Supporting working parents

Supporting working parents

Understand the laws that relate to pregnancy, parental leave and return to work.

Let kids be kids

Let kids be kids

Let Kids be Kids is a national campaign that addresses poor sideline behaviour - largely at junior sport.