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Why Is 'Like a Girl' A Bad Thing? This Video Might Change Your Mind

Date: 22 July 2014

Filmmaker and director Lauren Greenfield challenges the globally popular perception about adolescent girls in this YouTube video which has gone viral. A perception that crumbles their confidence and fills them up with self-doubt, to an extent that ‘like a girl’ starts to sound like an insult to them and they feel the need to discard ‘girly’ things, choices and characteristics.

Greenfield asked people, of both genders and different age groups to show her what it was like to run, fight and throw like a girl. All of them depicted girls as weak, devoid of strength and goofy. Then the first little ‘girl’ in the group was asked to show the same actions and they were completely different from those in the previous set.

This amazing video shows what it really is to be ‘like a girl’.